Product Description

HH15 series isolating switch fuse group and isolating switch are suitable for power distribution circuits and motor circuits with high short-circuit current. As a main switch or master switch for manual infrequent operation, it can be used for circuit short-circuit protection.

The switch complies with GB/T 14048 3, IEC60947-3 standards. Widely used in higher-level drawer-type low-voltage complete sets of devices.

Suitable Conditions

Normal working conditions and installation conditions
-The ambient air temperature is not higher than +40℃ and not lower than -5℃.
-The altitude of the installation site does not exceed 2000 meters
-Humidity: When the highest temperature is +40℃, the relative humidity of the air does not exceed 5%, and a higher relative humidity is allowed at a lower temperature, such as 90% at 20℃. Corresponding measures should be taken for the occasional condensation caused by temperature changes.
-The pollution level of the surrounding environment is level 3.
-The switch should be installed in a place where there is no significant shaking, impact vibration and no wind and snow. The copper installation site should be cut off without the risk of explosion, and there is no gas and dust in the medium that can corrode the metal and damage the insulation.

Product Advantage

-The switch adopts front rotation operation. Composed of operating mechanism, contact system, handle, etc.
-The switch adopts a fully enclosed structure, spring energy storage operation, and the closing and breaking speed of the switch has nothing to do with the operating speed of the operator, thus ensuring the safety of the operator and the equipment
-The switch has a unique performance contact system to ensure the stability of the product temperature rise
-The operating handle can be installed on the door of the switch cabinet. When the door is closed, the handle will engage with the operating lever of the switch. When the switch is in the closed position, the handle is interlocked with the door to prevent the door from opening
-The switch is equipped with an extension shaft, special lengths can be customized separately


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