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Product Description

Rated current: 300A
Model: JXB-185
Poles: 1 pole
Max current load capacity (IEC): 500A
Rated voltage: 690V
Max voltage (IEC AC): 1000V
Max voltage (IEC DC): 1500V
Applicable system: general

IEC 61439-1:2011
IEC 60999-1: 1999
IEC 60999-2: 2003
GB/T 7251.1

Suitable Conditions

Applicable main busbar
20, 25, 30 x 5, 10 and special-shaped bus

Applicable connecting cable
Copper 95-185 mm² round stranded wire and sector-shaped stranded wire

Product Advantage

Using non-hole connection technology, the cable and bus bar can be directly connected through the wiring module, which is convenient and efficient
The insulating shell can be insulated and sealed to the connection point to improve the safety of the system




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